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gyms in fortitude valley

Biologic Labs

30 Brookes St Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006 Australia
(07) 3123 0222

Biologic Labs Fortitude Valley Gym specialise in ‘Body Recompositioning’; the direct (non-surgical) manipulation of bodyfat and muscle mass! We have developed a revolutionary system of synergistic nutrition, strength training and supplementation for the most efficient fat-loss and/or muscle-gain possible. We even have Doctors who specialise in Hormone Balancing for the next level in optimum body composition, health and wellbeing.

At Biologic Labs there is no ambiguous running in the park, faux boxing or balancing stunts on toy balls. Everything we do is measured, planned and forecast to achieve your body composition goal and nothing else. Our diets tell you every gram of everything you need to eat. Our training programs tell you every weight to lift on every exercise at every workout. Our training teaches you how to train at the limit of your physical capacity to beat your best at every workout for measurable body change every week. There is no guesswork, no blind-faith, no ambiguity and no compromises. And despite being radically more advanced than anything from the fitness or weight loss industries, our approach is simple, obvious, transparent; and requires substantially less investment of your time!


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